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Australia Has The Largest Number Of Virtual Reality Porn Viewers

While doing the heat map research for the VR Porn keyword. The results stated that Australia wins the number of VR porn viewers in the world. The Google released the stats for the VR Porn popularity in the urban cities. There are three Australian cities among the top five urban city list.

The Finland city "Helsinki" tops the list of most number of VR viewers. While Sydney is right behind it trailing by a close margin. The Australian cities Melbourne and Brisbane are at 3rd and 4th Place. Whereas, The only Asian city on top five is Singapore.

The Virtual reality porn helps people to realize their sexual desires and fantasies. The VR tricks the brain to believe that whatever It is watching is real with head tracking ad 360-degree view. With the help of intelligent adult toys, a good pair of VR headsets, and other contraptions. The best suited VR environment can give more pleasure than the reality itself.

According to the stats at Google Trends the use of keyword 'VR Porn' has exploded. It went up by more than thousand times within few months. The adult VR content has already published by websites like VR Porn Galaxy. As adult industry experts are viewing at it as the billion dollar Industry by the year 2025. The stats suggest that VR porn will be the biggest winner. It is sure to beat its counterpart in films and games.

The Australians VR gear sellers are already making use of the VR porn to sell their devices too.

Yet, Millions of people are already subscribed and got the membership of the VR Porn sites. The adult Industry experts have predicted that there will be a total of 20 to 30 million VR viewers.

As the VR porn videos are the uprising in the Adult Entertainment Industry. Many websites like VR Porn Galaxy are already there to give the ascent of VR porn.