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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Execute Your Interest and Visit Tokyos VR Porn Rooms

Iin regards to technology Japan is usually the first to find how better to utilize it. The place is very perfect because of this new draw. Akihabara, a district which is famous and popular for anime and video games will now house a spot where customers can simply view a number of mature content in various types, including VR. For now while their grand opening effort is running visitors can participate in seeing VR porn for free for a restricted time. The rooms have soundproof walls and give a tidy, executing surroundings. Shortly the institution will charge hourly for people to immerse themselves in virtual reality porn. Just how much will you need to cover to savor an hour of VR porn? The corporation is going to function as the very first to add on VR porn to the normal resort experience for visitors. This can probably take off rather nicely in Japan because the state has a tendency to get really excited as it pertains to porn and pornographic interests.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Friday, January 6, 2017

Virtual Blowjobs From CamSoda – Are You Ready?

Did you know that you could now get a virtual blowjob? And it’s not hard to do either. You’re likely already aware of VR porn movies, limited as it may be, but CamSoda, a webcam site, has just introduced a new way to get some ‘personal’ satisfaction via virtual reality.

The VR blowjob experience has a name – BlowCast. It allows users to choose a lady from a variety of cam girls to give them a virtual blowjob. So how does it work?

The BlowCast cam girls are given a Kiiroo Peral. This is a dildo that vibrates but also tracks and collects sensory data. So the cam girl gives the dildo a blowjob and the data is then uploaded to the BlowCast system.

Users can then choose the blowjob of their choice based on the cam girl giving it. As the receiver you would need to have a high-tech sleeve so you’re able to ‘receive’ the virtual blowjob. The sleeve will replicate the sensory data from the dildo used by the cam girl. So you’re actually experiencing this girl’s ‘ability’ of sucking dick even though she isn’t doing it to you in real time. Crazy, right?
There are also some consumers worried about hackers. Because teledildonics do in fact collect data, they are definitely susceptible for being accessed or ‘hacked’ by a third party. Therefore, security relies on both ends. CamSoda and Kiiroo networks need to be secure and constantly managed to prevent such hacks from occurring.

Why are consumers worried about this hack? They’re afraid the hacker would alter the sleeve settings so that it squeezes the penis and causes injury. While any new technology is susceptible to getting hacked it doesn’t mean you should avoid taking advantage of something that could really benefit you; like a virtual blowjob.

Right now you can go to BlowCast and find 50 different virtual blowjobs with a one-time fee of one dollar. Should you purchase the penis sleeve ($250) you can access all of the virtual blowjobs on BlowCast for 30 days free of charge.